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Sunday, February 12, 2006

My Son and the Birds

Wesley is getting bigger, as children do, and more interested in the world around him. He particularly loves to watch the birds that eat outside of our family room windows. He'll stand in front of the windows for whole minutes at a time and watch the sparrows fly around and hop in the bushes. Sometimes when he gets tired of watching them sit there, he'll bang on the window so that they fly away, and then he laughs and tries to say "bird". However, since he's only 10 months old, it comes out missing several key letters, such as "i" and "r". He really enjoys seeing all the fun, new things there are in the world. When we went on a walk the other day by pond, and saw some ducks, he was completely fascinated. I could see the wheels turning in his head as he watched, wondering, while one of the ducks dunked itself upside-down in the water. I tried to tell him that ducks were birds too, but he quite obviously didn't believe me, since birds fly around, and these things were in the water, floating. Sometimes I try to imagine what the world must be like from my son's perspective. I think it must be like living in an alien land. Everything is bigger than him, and all mis-proportioned for his baby body. And, besides that, there are so many things that are strange and new. Imagine living a baby's life, hanging out with your parents, eating, sleeping, and then all of a sudden the entire world is white and cold! We know that its snow, but what could Wesley possibly be thinking about the complete metamorphasis of his world? Every time I think of all the firsts Wesley still has before him, I am so thankful that I get to come along for the adventure and see the world through his eyes.