Attack of the Killer Sock-Eaters

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Monday, March 13, 2006

Drawing First Blood

My poor baby boy had his first cut today. He tripped over his own feet and hit his head on the edge (not corner) of the coffee table. The funny thing is, when I scooped him up to check on the damage, it wasn't his head that was bleeding, but the little corner right next to his nose - you know, the tiny crease where the nose meets the face. There was a tiny welling of blood there from a small cut. So now my son has had his first cut, probably one of many to come, but it was still very upsetting to see that little droplet of red on his previously perfect baby skin. He cried a little, and then started laughing as I put some cold water on his nose. I also put some arnica gel on his forehead where he bumped it, so there was no swelling or bruising where he hit his head. One day, perhaps, I won't even remember this, or be bothered by such a tiny bit of blood, but that day is probably a long way away. And, honestly, I'm a little worried about whether that day will ever come. Wesley is my first child, and my baby, and I sometimes worry that I will never be able to treat him any differently. Fortunately, he is still tiny, cuddly, and young, so he won't be rolling his eyes and howling "Mooooom!!" at me for a while yet. For now, I am still allowed to baby him, hold him, and kiss away his hurts. And that is something I'll treasure as long as I can.