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Saturday, February 05, 2005

Colds and tea

After a week of poor sleep, mostly from being pregnant and uncomfortable, I've come down with a truly unpleasant cold. It is the kind that reduces previously coherent and intelligent adults to drooling, sniffling messes of misery and fogginess. It is the type of cold that makes me long for the oblivion of sleep, except that I'm afraid to sleep, because I fear that I'll suffocate from stuffiness. Death by snot - now there's a description I do not want on a coroner's report.
Thank God for Puffs Plus tissues with Aloe tm. And for tea. I don't know what it is about tea -hot, strong, and with a dollop of honey - that makes colds seem much less miserable. Perhaps it is the caffeine providing the feeling of sharpness and being awake, or the soothing of the steam and the honey on my throat. Perhaps it is a learned response from my childhood; a time when tea and toast were the staples Mom brought out for the sick. Whatever the reason, my husband is making me tea, and so, for a short time at least, I'll depart the land of the cold-suffering zombie-people, and pretend that I'm just fine.


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