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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

All the colors of the rainbow

This Saturday, the husband and I went to Home Depot looking for paint for our new home. Because of the many repairs we've had to make to this new home, money is at a premium, so we have to watch our decorating budget closely. Wonder of wonders, there exists a little thing called "Oops" paint, which consists of a large stack of paint cans, each with a little blob of their color on the lid. Apparently, people take home custom colors, decide that it wasn't quite what they wanted, and return it to the store. Since there is often only one gallon, or less, of that color being returned, Home Depot cannot sell it at full price, so they label them "Oops", and sell each gallon for five dollars.
The best part of this afternoon (other than the price) was how much fun we had going through all of the cans, looking for that perfect color for each room. Since our selection was much more limited than if we had been looking through the hundreds of custom paint chips, the experience was light-hearted and fun, rather than stressful. With our choices narrowed down to orange, brown, blue, or a rather horrible yellow, the decisions were easy, and made with no argument. Furthermore, there was that feeling that you get at a yard-sale or flea-market, that you're really getting away with the better end of the bargain.
We're going back again next weekend, to see if we can find anything for the dining room! I think we're hooked.


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