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Tuesday, February 22, 2005

The Many Shades of Winter

As I look out my window at all the grays and browns, I realize that choosing bold colors for our house is a way of compensating for the lack of life and vibrancy outdoors. I still like all the shades we chose, and fortunately, none are what could be called "winter" colors, but it makes me wonder why humans need so much visual stimulation. When I think about it, that giddy, almost high feeling that I get around spring probably has less to do with the temperature than it does with the colors of spring. All that new bright green, and flaming yellows and pinks popping their heads up through the soil makes me feel alive and joyful. Its like nature is celebrating the return of life by painting the world in colors that awaken happiness and hope in it' s inhabitants. I think now that I understand why so many cultures have rites to banish winter and welcome the spring. It was their way of heaving a sigh of relief that the gloomy shades of winter had finally given way to the living joy of the spring.


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